Hello last minute December snowflake

Hello last minute December snowflake

So, since I last posted a lot has happened. Lots! I’ll have to try and catch you up, but can’t do it all in one post. I had learnt to crochet a bit before I’d started blogging and was starting to get way into it. I love it. It’s awesome. It’s a therapy for me (more on that later!!), it’s a creative outlet and I can make so many useful things for me, for the girls (oh yeah, more on that later too 😂) and for gifts.

Anywho, that’s where this return to blogging post comes in. I created a snowflake pattern last year based on the Grandma Twinkle star pattern I’d made from the Royal Sisters. And asked their permission of course to publish my changes, as you do. They very kindly agreed but then I got scared to release it. And then I played with the pattern some more and changed it again…as you do. <<<<<
n it was Christmas, and who wants a snowflake pattern after Christmas?I'm being a bit waffley here…if you know me, you know it's a common occurrence. I'll try and restrain myself. Hopefully I'm back, I need a space to chat in again.

Back to the pattern. It's really really close to Christmas now but if I don't set this thing free then I'll never know if people like it or want to use it. An can I say, I've tested patterns for people and that is great fun. But writing your own pattern is flipping hard! None of the terms seem to work and to me it sounds confusing. I really hope it's not but I'd love for you to give me all the feedback and I'll happily fix it here.

The pattern is below, based initially on a granny star…I hope you like it.

Christmas snowflake pattern

UK terminology

Ch – chainSt ch – starting chain dc – double crochettr – treble crochetss – slip stitch

Round 1

1. Make a magic circle

2. Chain 3 (st ch), 1 tr, 1 ch

3. 2 tr, 1 ch – repeat x4

4. Ss to 3rd ch of st ch to join

(6 x 1 ch spaces, 12 tr)

Round 2

1. Ss to the next 1 ch space from round 1

2. Into the 1 ch space, ch 3 (st ch), 1 tr, ch 1, 2 tr

3. Into the next 1 ch space (creating a gap between tr sets): 2 tr, ch 1, 2 tr – repeat x4

4. Ss to 3rd ch of st ch to join

(6x 1 ch spaces, 24 tr)

Round 3

1. Ss into next stitch (tr from round 2)

2. Into the 1 ch space from round 2: 1dc, 1 tr, picot (ch 4, ss into 1st ch to create picot), then into the 1 ch space from round 2, 1 tr, 1dc

3. *Into the gap between the next 2 sets of tr stitches, 1 dc, picot (ch 3, ss into 1st ch to create picot), then into the same gap, 1dc

4. Into the next 1 ch space from round 2: 1 dc, 1 tr, picot (ch 4, ss into 1st ch to create picot), then into the same 1 ch space from round 2, 1 tr, 1dc** – repeat from * to ** x4

5. Into the next gap from round 2: 1 dc, picot (ch 3, ss into 1st ch to create picot), then into the same gap, 1dc

6. Finish by ss into first dc or cutting yarn and completing with an invisible finish. Weave in ends.


Use it as an ornament, gift topper, bunting or other decoration.

Enjoy and if you happen to make yourself a snowflake tag it online #lastdecembersnowflake

Merry Christmas lovers xx

Sit here if you like…

Sit here if you like…

So. It’s been a while. How are you? Yep, I’m fine thanks. Just you know. Busy. With stuff. Anything exciting? Me? Haha, no. No just busy doing not much at all really. Just stuff like this…

And this…

Now that we’ve gotten that 5 seconds of awkwardness out of the way. You know the one. The bit where you haven’t seen someone for a while so even though you’re besties or have known each other forever you talk about nothing to ease yourself back to familiarity. You know? Oh.  Just me then?  Thought so 😬

Anyway, it’s been forever and I keep meaning to pop in and say hi but kinder started this year and Christmas was crazy and just life stuff. But I’m here now. Hopefully to stay. And fill your lives with all the randomness I don’t chat about elsewhere.  And because I need to just write stuff down. And remember. And besides, I wanted to share yesterday with you.

Yesterday was one of those follow ons from a bad night. The little woke a few times, one of which I didn’t even wake to and felt horrid about it for an age after. Cause I’m one of those feel guilt at everything type peeps. So the second time I sat with her for ages. And then laid down with her because she just. Would not. Go back. To sleep. And of course I woke feeling like I’d slept outside on the deck. And no judging my friends. I like my sleep. So I needed some.  Basically from the start the day was all behind feeling and slow and just, not quite right.

After some light complaining or worrying that we’d not get to do anything (not from me) we went out, bought some needed items and decided we’d have a latte. Well, and a babychino of course, because well E doesn’t drink coffee. And for a change to sit down and drink. Like people. But we had the stroller. And I misjudged lunch hour. That thing just keeps on going, especially on Friday doesn’t it?!

There I am. Standing there with lots of noise. Cold outside but not freezing, I just wasn’t dressed for the outside. So I was scanning the cafe, looking for spare seats. It’s a longish cafe and with people thrown in I couldn’t quite see down the back. E was telling me what to do or asking what I was doing, I’m not sure because of the noise and I hate having to stand there looking for a seat in situations like that. I feel odd. For some reason. Like everyone is wondering what you’re doing. Why the heck would they?! Anyway, so hard to see down the back and I almost turned around and went out the front wth my table number thing. Or to the counter to make our drinks takeaway.

Then a guy sitting with a woman and child, I’ll say his family, turned around, moved the chair next to him and said “you can sit here if you like”. 
Seems normal. It rarely happens to me now that I have a child with me. And it was so loud in there. And he just said I could sit here next to them, right? Hmm, “I might do that, thanks”, I said.

But he didn’t look at me. And had moved the spare chair a bit closer to him/them, but not in a weird way. And then after I’d perched myself on the chair and moved it away a bit so we wouldn’t disturb them, I started to think. To wonder. Did he actually say we could sit there or did he say we could through there? So he’d moved the chair out of my way? Or for me to sit down? Because I could see a table a little further down as I was going over all this at a furious pace. In my mind. While E is trying to talk to me. About the noise in the cafe.

And we didn’t speak again, the guy or his wife and I. At all. I felt odd. And out of place. And odd.  But we had a nice chat and I tried to make eye contact several times but there was no return eye contact. And I’m kind of shaking my head and laughing writing this. What the hell did that guy even say?!!

Needless to say, we finished a bit more quickly than usual.

I usually can’t drink hot drinks in a hurry. But I did. And E? That babychino is all froth. And we got up, E hopped into the stroller and I said thanks to them as we moved out to leave. They didn’t look at me 😳

Did I just do an uber embarrassing thing and sit with people in a crowded cafe drinking latte with my child uninvited? Why did I not ask him to repeat what he’d said when I clearly didn’t hear him?! What would you would have done. Has anything like this ever happened to you?  And so if you were that family and I crashed your celebration lunch (oh, did I forget to mention I noticed as we left they had a ‘bottle’ from a local real estate agent on the table 🙈) I’m so sorry.

Please feel free to share your coffee shop story here, Facebook or on Instagram.  I love hearing other people’s stories. Any stories!

Nice to catch up, hope to see you again soon. I’m off to do a little bit of this for the afternoon. Well, try and sort it out anyway.  Perfectly cold and wet day for it xx

Ps. I really don’t mind sharing seats with strangers if that’s what the moment requires and you or they have issued an invitation… I’ve done it before. I just don’t know whether any invitation came at me yesterday and well, I do wonder if i was interloping on their day 😂

Jingle all the way…to Christmas memories

Jingle all the way…to Christmas memories

Christmas is one of the dizziest  times of the year.
Basically most years, other than this one, I have raced about until midnight Christmas Eve like Henny Penny proclaiming the sky is falling searching for gifts.  Rather than focussing on the people and the time with them and the act of giving and doing. And I only say other than this one because this year I haven’t left it all to the final hour. Though it sure is starting to feel like it 🙊🙊

I digress! A lot. 

Photos. Of the Christmas variety…  

I don’t particularly recall official photos at Christmas as a family, unless we went to my grandparents or family members place and we all had them. We probably did and if my mum or dad reads this I could be in trouble 😂🙈 When I met the chap started taking a photo on Christmas Day each year. Usually in the nice things we’re wearing that day. When we take it depends on where we are and what’s happening. 

And now we are 3 we still do that. And I’ve taken photos of E each year to put on family cards. Except this year (sorry guys!!  She didn’t want to dress up so we did a quick one and I’m not sure it’ll be done in time 🙊).  

And each year with E I’ve taken photos to capture the memories…lead up, decorating the tree, making cookies, playing with her tree and of course on the day. The DSLR until she became very mobile and active. All just snaps really. Only 1 or 2 setup shots when she was a baby. For those family Christmas cards I mentioned. This year though for the first time though we’re taking E to see Santa. And get a photo. Cause we’re lucky enough to be going going to Westfield with Chantelle (aka Fat Mum Slim). Yay!!!! Excited much?!?! Yay!! Did I say that?

So I’m wondering, what you all do about photos each year? Are they formal or family snapshots?  Or do you just take snaps leading up to Christmas, putting up the tree and Christmas morning?

And if you do official, what do you clothe yourself and your children in? Do you have to be all fancified and christmassy for your pics???  I’m uber curious about you all. And also, what the heck do you do if your child bursts into tears?! Visiting Santa?

A lot of people are talking ‘official photos’ and matching outfits. I’m not even sure I’d  know how. I’m not good with fancy. I so wish I was. So regretting right now that I didn’t  order that Christmas headband I was going to get 🙈

So photos, capturing memories, enjoying it all and getting things done…all occupying my thoughts at the moment.  

And sharing the lead up with this little. And cleaning out my camera roll on the phone to fit it all in. My phone may crack it soon there are so many shots on there. Oh and that teensy, tiny problem with the advent calendar of course. That one where I didn’t use strong enough tape on my parcels or envelopes and some of them have popped open. I sooo knew I should have spent time learning how to origami envelopes!!

Let me know about how you capture your Christmas. In fact I insist. I’m dying to know. And maybe you can give this Santa visiting newbie some tips. And maybe put together something I can wear? Because I’m having clothes anxiety. 

Hope you’re all enjoying the lead up to Christmas. I am. I really am 😀 I’m sure you’ll hear from me a lot till then!  xx

Advent. The countdown to Christmas is nigh…

Advent. The countdown to Christmas is nigh…

Sooooo…. In all my crazy wisdom (ie I’m just not wise at all I’ve decided) I felt I could squeeze making an advent calendar into my schedule before Christmas. Not that I have a hectic schedule mind you. Yes we do lots of things here, but hey, we don’t have every hour booked out. 

After deciding this was the way to go I chose to present it on a coat hanger, similar to one I’d seen. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Don’t they all? Because, well, Pinterest and ideas and inspiration and all that. Sometimes it’s best left in my head. I just don’t seem to have a lot of luch transferring some of the things I pin. 

Our little dough decorations is one example.  

They’re perfectly fine really, just forgot to add holes for hanging and they’re not all stamped and some are heavier than others ….and these are the good ones. The others are already in the rubbish. We’ll be making these again and getting rid of the first ones as part of our advent activities 🙈😂 because toddlers and craft. I love to involve E, but quite frankly, I really need to trial some things solo first. It’s not like I’m a professional crafter or even child organiser for that matter 😂

Anyway, advent and the countdown to Christmas. Actually my countdown started a month or two ago. And I’m not done yet. And the cards I set up and photographed to make in September still aren’t created. Nor are they printed. And in the hope of printing them locally, I haven’t found somewhere cheap enough with an acceptable print. So I need to order. And that takes time. I can see December floating by with me in a whirl. And essentially, I’m tiring already and the tree isn’t up. And there are still 24 more days to go. Not counting today. I may not last the distance peeps. 

Our calendar. Well, the one I made. Because we do have two. I just had to make one, I couldn’t just do the purchased one. Nooooo. Anyway, our calendar is now up, finally and just in time to start opening tomorrow. I spent two nights on it, setting it up. And folding paper. And tying it all together. And it doesn’t look exactly the way I’d planned or pictured in my head. But as explained, that can be common with me. Especially when I don’t write down or sketch my plan. But I’m happy with it. And it’ll be more festive when I add some bunting. 

Aaaaaand, the reaction I got from the little this morning when she woke and saw it? 

“What’s that?” – not exactly excitement in her voice. And not what I’d hoped. More like mild distaste, or at least underwhelmed. I’m working with a tough crowd here, getting tougher all the time. 

So I pinned a stack of advent calendar ideas and they’re over at my Pinterest board of the same name. And was sent an idea from a friend about random acts of kindness, that’s now on my board with some others too. So incorporated those, one or two things we’re doing this month, like visiting the Myer windows and looking at their Christmas displays and some regular Christmas things I printed and cut up from A Little Delightful, again something I pinned so you can pop over and see them. Essentially, I used everything for inspiration! Pinterest is fab like that. 

Oh, and I may have tossed in some chocolate too. Because I bought some reindeer chocolates that looked cute. And needed to be eaten. And preferably not by me. As soon as I got home. So there are 2 dates with chocolates and one as a prompt for putting some out for our mailman. Because ours is a man. 

What did I use?? 

  • I didn’t use any of the pegs I’d painted recently for it. I’ll use them for something else.
  • Paper bags and silver, green and red striped twine from The Make Good Co  
  • Little hanging bamboo star and paper tags on all bags and parcels from The Make Good Co
  • Plain twine and musical notepaper my own (paper recycled from florist flowers)
  • Holly paper from a Christmas scrapbook paper set leftover from last year
  • Coat hanger my own 

I just cut twine, stamped tags with numbers, inserted some craft or choc into the bags and hole punched and tied up with a bow or folded paper, taped down and hole punched. I’d intended to use material or origami envelopes. Ahem, timing. Maybe next time. I might start today. 

And I’m all done now, our calendar is  hanging on the wall and ready for use. Hopefully it’ll work. And it won’t fall off the wall 🙈 or get pulled down by the little.  Because I did add a hook for it. 

And hopefully I can get some coffee happening before I fall asleep from late night crafting. 

Have a great day xx

lost and found, maybe…

lost and found, maybe…

Do you believe in luck? Wishes?

Well, either way I’m hoping for some this birthday month. Last year I had a big birthday. And I don’t mean I had a massive party with a band and fireworks, though fireworks would be cool. I mean who doesn’t love fireworks? Cause ummm FIREWORKS!! I mean that I hit a number with a zero. One that as a kid seemed so so old it was ridiculous. Because, well I had (and still have) young parents so my parents didn’t hit that number until before I was 20, just….it seemed like so so far away. Anyway, it seemed quite grown up. And then I hit all the numbers and that one and well, 30 really felt like my turning point. And it was. So much happened to me after that. I made so many positive changes.

Anyway, I turned 40 last year and I got some very special gifts from the chap and little (and others!!) and one of them was a necklace with pendants (is that what they’re called? I rarely wear necklaces…not a huge jewellery wearer) that I’d spent forever choosing and deciding on stamped wording for. I’m terrible with decisions (have I mentioned that before?) and couldn’t decide which pendant/s I wanted, whether I wanted something inspirational stamped or just names or dates or??? One pendant or two? So many choices. And then there was the necklace leather colour. Cue headslap! So many choices! You get the idea.

We ordered the necklace from Honeydew & Violet  (and you should take a look at them, Dani is fabulous and the pendants are amazeballs!) and I finally chose two pendants. One representing E and one for the chap, myself and some words I wanted to work on and stay with. Like courage. Things that are all around me and that I want to foster. And that’s all gone so well, here I am writing a blog after all!!
I cherished the necklace, something I’d (and every other person in my world that I’d asked opinions about it) spent a lot of time on with Dani. She’s awesome and so lovely…anyway…earlier this year I lost it 🙈🙈🙈 I went to Spotlight and Westfield shopping centre in Narre Warren, and spent much time looking, leaving my details and calling about it. It’s never been found.

I’m just putting it out there, in case someone has it at home, maybe you know someone who does?…it’s that time of year when things happen. I’m so thankful I received a special little gift from Dani (it now fills the space of the one that’s missing and I cherish it. So if the others don’t come back, I have that) but would really love this back. And if it’s meant to return to me it will. It might not and that’s cool, but you’ve got to have that last-ditch attempt, you know?

So you know, just asking. Just in case.

Have a great weekend all…




No, not kinder…its not about being kinder to people. I’m talking about kindergarten. That place that kids seem to be going to earlier and earlier. Who knew. I didn’t even know 3 year old kinder was a thing until I had a child. Because, well I think most people I know have only ever sent their child/ren to 4 year old kinder or pre-school.


So, next year E is off to kinder. The 3 year old variety. We went to an information night a few weeks ago and quite frankly it freaked me out. In many ways. Let me count the ways:

  1. My baby is starting kinder and entering the world next year.
  2. I’m not uber fab at meeting new people. Thankfully it wasn’t a big introduction-fest. Just a double room filled to the brim with mums, dads and kids hearing about last years kinder sessions by way of their AGM and some info for next year. Get a bigger bag was the take-away from that. And perhaps the only thing I could hear. Because, well, room full of kids.
  3. I had to go out looking like a decent member of society. In a group. Do people judge you at these things?
  4. My baby is starting kinder and entering the world next year.
  5. If I had questions would I be myself and ask them or be too daunted by the other people staring at me to ask? Because I’ve kind of been out for the loop for a while.
  6. Are there still cliques around? Will I be the oldest person there?
  7. My one and only, my bebe, my constant companion is starting kinder next year? Oh, I’ve mentioned that one? oops

That was the meeting element and the second part of my freak out.  The first started when I received the documentation to sign her up in the mail and I promptly read it and put it away to fill out later. Like one day before it was due. Perhaps trying to ignore the fact that this was happening.

And it all leads me to today. My third and I can guarantee not my last freak out on the subject. Again, days before the forms are due back at the kinder and central agency place (okay, 1 day before) I’m filling things out. Madly trying to get it done to send and hand in. And photos need to be printed too. The reason for the computer currently being on (a whole other topic but using bluetooth in-store to print from my phone just does not happen. Ever. Ever ever. So putting them onto a stick is the best option, until I can be bothered enough to find out why) and me writing to you today. Again a whole other story.

Forms for kinder, even 3 year old is immense. The kinder wants to know (rightly enough) all they can about your child to help them. But its one page with teensy boxes, front and back. To fit all my words into. Though we’re invited to add an extra page if necessary. So I did.


Last night I filled out some pieces so I could get the chaps input into the form. So it wasn’t all my perspective. And he rightly pointed out when I mentioned using dot points instead of paragraphs (because I often use paragraphs and write a story. Oh bless, you didn’t notice xx) that it wasn’t an essay. Of course use dot points. And I mentioned to him after filling out one meaty section about what your child likes to do that I may need that extra piece of paper. I think I shouldn’t have given myself free reign like that. At all. I’ve filled all the boxes, apart from one or two and so far an entrie A4 sheet, front and back. With dot points. About my child, her likes, dislikes, fears, skills, things she can do, things she likes to do. And I’m wondering if its too much. Or not enough.

How the heck do I give my bebe. E, my little companion and walking heart over to other people without telling them how she likes to approach being with others? How she likes you to encourage her in the playground? How she enjoys playing dress ups and often likes you to be involved and play with her? How she loves to do the things you do and tries to be independent but if you let her do these specific things she’ll be happy? How she can peel a mushroom and crack eggs – you know, if it ever comes up and they’re baking a frittata. The way she tells you things are her favourite but they’re not, she just really likes them in the moment she’s speaking to you. The way she always wants her sunglasses on outside. Will they get all that? Will they understand and cherish her the way I do, and let her be independent when needed, foster her heart and beautiful ways?


I’m not sure I’m ready for kinder yet. You don’t even want to know the minimal number of hours she’ll be there. But thats ok, I might be lucky and make it through the first weeks. I’m hoping I actually leave the carpark. Seriously.

And in true fashion of the dizzying nature I have we sent off the forms today, just a day before they were due. And handed in the information sheet about E. Where the reception wasn’t the most welcoming. And I am left hoping thats because it was 3pm and they finish work at 3.3opm today or are racing about like crazy getting things organised for tomorrow. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Because next year I’ll be entrusting the little to them. Her heart and mind. And really, mine too.

Have a brilliant day, or the rest of it and stay out of the heat if you’re near any. I may be moving to the snow!




Behind the alphabet…at my house…

Behind the alphabet…at my house…

I’m still here! Not missing, just lacked phojo (photo taking mojo) and it seems to have effected all my online. Anyway, I’m still here 🙂  And the post title? No, not a history lesson on the alphabet, though I do love history…just a bit of fmsphotoaday alphabet love!

A while ago I mentioned that I’d show some behind the scenes stuff with the alphabet series because I’d had both fun and frustrating times with it. While some of it has been fun, well, most of it….some of it has been frustrating, trying and downright annoying…like being behind when the alphabet has actually finished! Think also; wind, heat, bunny rabbits, toddler hands and props that don’t stick in the right place. So just a behind the scenes look at my setting u photos experiences.

I had a purpose in mind for this alphabet. The little is nearly 3 and I’d love her to finally have a booklet or poster that I’d made for her for the alphabet especially as she’s helped with some of them.. And I have a new baby to welcome into the family in the early new year so this is such a perfect gift. But shhh, they don’t know about the gift.

For most of the letters, when I’ve had an idea in mind for the shot I’m kind of set on using it. And I have tried so hard to make it happen. The thing is, because i had a dual purpose for the alphabet I didn’t want things to hard to photograph or too difficult for a child to identify. And I want/ed the subject small enough to fit onto a large piece of board. because, well, I used that board as my background and even though the lighting and therefore editing is slightly different, I wanted the backgrounds exactly the same. And I wanted the shots simple and easy to identify, even though I’ll have wording next to or below/above the image. The only thing I wasn’t worried about this time was duplicating the things friends might have taken photos of.  Sometimes it bothers me (even though 1,000’s of people participating means there are certainly duplicated ideas). The final product of my shots has meant I really don’t care if 100 other people did exactly the same thing, I just didn’t want anything too odd or obscure. Something I usually love to do. So….keeping all that in mind each time I thought of an idea for a letter, I then had to get that photo.

One of the photos I’ll remember from this month was for G.

G is for Grass
G is for Grass

The night before I had woken and had this brilliant idea for a grass scene. It looked amazing in the dream. And I was certain it’d be a doddle to pull off. So outside I went with my board and the card and set to work with my scissors cutting lengths of grass. Again thankful I’d been neglectful in mowing it. And I moved about the yard gathering from different areas to have some variety. And I came back to find our pet bunny, Fudge getting close and sniffy. To MY grass.

G is for get away from the grass
G is for get away from the grass

And then the little was racing about ripping grass out of the ground and tossing it onto the board to “help you mum”. Moving my carefully orchestrated grass to place her own. Aaaannnnddd, cue the slight rise in tension as I see my brilliant idea disappearing into the wind with the blades of grass.

So I worked quickly and was quite happy with the end result. Though each time I turned around after moving the cardboard to a new location to test light I saw scenes like this.  IMG_9408

And had to re-adjust the blades of grass. So there I was, outside, cutting grass with scissors and moving it around on paper, to look like grass. I mean, real grass in the real outside but on paper. Am I sounding a bit nuts yet? Trust me, in instagram lan its not!

You can see it isn’t always easy to get the shot you want 😉

And then there was the time I tried to take the perfect ice-cream photo and ended up with some hideous creation.  And on the second go ended up with a photo that I decided to use. But not after heartache and taking ice-cream photos on a board in a bathroom. And that board needed to be replaced. Because id had 2 ice-creams dripping all over it.

Then U for umbrellas? I bought a packet to use and 3 of them were thrown in the bin right away. Because well, toddler. The little wanted to help and had no idea how to put the umbrella up, so ripped it open rather than ask for help, breaking the paper, and flipping them inside out…but she tried. Again, cue the stress as I could see all my umbrellas hurtling into the bin just before dusk.IMG_9414

And the shot with her hands? I may have offered her something because I wanted hands and only hers.
Because well, they’re toddler hands. And how cute? And even though I offered a treat, E still didn’t want to do it the way I asked. And as often happens, one of her ways worked best. But before that there was a lot of me trying to explain to keep hands flat, yes both hands. No, don’t wiggle them everywhere… to an increasingly tired toddler who couldn’t be bothered with the day before she had even started helping me. Thats the best thing about spending time with E doing these things. We learn, we do and amid my frustrations at times we have a good time together and she enjoys arranging things on the board if I’m setting something up. IMG_9409

Such as T is for tree. I tried several different trees and E was desperate to give it a try. I needed to get my photo sorted first though, I was a bit in the moment creating it. And I’m a bit fussy once I’ve started making something like that. After E had decided my time was up and she was bored with my constant photos at 20 angles she wiped the board clean. Because, well that got my attention and a space for her tree. I let her have a go at creating and then she wanted her dad and I to help and all of us work on one together. Which was fine until we weren’t doing it the way she wanted. And didn’t want to share her leaves. But that moment passed really quickly and we ended up with some shrub looking thing (on Instagram here). But as I said, we had a great time and using your creativity is such fun.  And you don’t need to buy things to create. You can always use the items you have on hand, around the yard or from your home.

Like the jigsaw puzzle I got for my birthday when I was 10 years old….or something. I love it and have kept it because I loved them so much. I can’t remember using them a lot but know I loved the pictures. I had images in my mind of the photo I wanted to take. The one I used was different to that. But again, after input from E. She made me think of it in a different way so I did something else. But she had a go at the jigsaw, became frustrated and then worked it out. I do love that she has a go and often works it out when my back is turned. Like all toddles, she’s super keen to do it all herself. Which is super fun, super.

So there were masses of outtakes this month and I was happy overall that I created the shots I did. Though some were just too funny to delete but just not usable for this months theme.  Thats why you’re getting them all tossed at you here 🙂IMG_9410And although the alphabet finished Friday and I’ve finally posted all my shots I decided to post this round up rather than do a few behind the scenes for this month, because, well….I started this post over a week ago and keep being re-routed by other things. But I’m still here and I’ll be back more regularly! Cross all your things people! And thanks for coming back if you have….and waiting!