Sit here if you like…

Sit here if you like…

So. It’s been a while. How are you? Yep, I’m fine thanks. Just you know. Busy. With stuff. Anything exciting? Me? Haha, no. No just busy doing not much at all really. Just stuff like this…

And this…

Now that we’ve gotten that 5 seconds of awkwardness out of the way. You know the one. The bit where you haven’t seen someone for a while so even though you’re besties or have known each other forever you talk about nothing to ease yourself back to familiarity. You know? Oh.  Just me then?  Thought so 😬

Anyway, it’s been forever and I keep meaning to pop in and say hi but kinder started this year and Christmas was crazy and just life stuff. But I’m here now. Hopefully to stay. And fill your lives with all the randomness I don’t chat about elsewhere.  And because I need to just write stuff down. And remember. And besides, I wanted to share yesterday with you.

Yesterday was one of those follow ons from a bad night. The little woke a few times, one of which I didn’t even wake to and felt horrid about it for an age after. Cause I’m one of those feel guilt at everything type peeps. So the second time I sat with her for ages. And then laid down with her because she just. Would not. Go back. To sleep. And of course I woke feeling like I’d slept outside on the deck. And no judging my friends. I like my sleep. So I needed some.  Basically from the start the day was all behind feeling and slow and just, not quite right.

After some light complaining or worrying that we’d not get to do anything (not from me) we went out, bought some needed items and decided we’d have a latte. Well, and a babychino of course, because well E doesn’t drink coffee. And for a change to sit down and drink. Like people. But we had the stroller. And I misjudged lunch hour. That thing just keeps on going, especially on Friday doesn’t it?!

There I am. Standing there with lots of noise. Cold outside but not freezing, I just wasn’t dressed for the outside. So I was scanning the cafe, looking for spare seats. It’s a longish cafe and with people thrown in I couldn’t quite see down the back. E was telling me what to do or asking what I was doing, I’m not sure because of the noise and I hate having to stand there looking for a seat in situations like that. I feel odd. For some reason. Like everyone is wondering what you’re doing. Why the heck would they?! Anyway, so hard to see down the back and I almost turned around and went out the front wth my table number thing. Or to the counter to make our drinks takeaway.

Then a guy sitting with a woman and child, I’ll say his family, turned around, moved the chair next to him and said “you can sit here if you like”. 
Seems normal. It rarely happens to me now that I have a child with me. And it was so loud in there. And he just said I could sit here next to them, right? Hmm, “I might do that, thanks”, I said.

But he didn’t look at me. And had moved the spare chair a bit closer to him/them, but not in a weird way. And then after I’d perched myself on the chair and moved it away a bit so we wouldn’t disturb them, I started to think. To wonder. Did he actually say we could sit there or did he say we could through there? So he’d moved the chair out of my way? Or for me to sit down? Because I could see a table a little further down as I was going over all this at a furious pace. In my mind. While E is trying to talk to me. About the noise in the cafe.

And we didn’t speak again, the guy or his wife and I. At all. I felt odd. And out of place. And odd.  But we had a nice chat and I tried to make eye contact several times but there was no return eye contact. And I’m kind of shaking my head and laughing writing this. What the hell did that guy even say?!!

Needless to say, we finished a bit more quickly than usual.

I usually can’t drink hot drinks in a hurry. But I did. And E? That babychino is all froth. And we got up, E hopped into the stroller and I said thanks to them as we moved out to leave. They didn’t look at me 😳

Did I just do an uber embarrassing thing and sit with people in a crowded cafe drinking latte with my child uninvited? Why did I not ask him to repeat what he’d said when I clearly didn’t hear him?! What would you would have done. Has anything like this ever happened to you?  And so if you were that family and I crashed your celebration lunch (oh, did I forget to mention I noticed as we left they had a ‘bottle’ from a local real estate agent on the table 🙈) I’m so sorry.

Please feel free to share your coffee shop story here, Facebook or on Instagram.  I love hearing other people’s stories. Any stories!

Nice to catch up, hope to see you again soon. I’m off to do a little bit of this for the afternoon. Well, try and sort it out anyway.  Perfectly cold and wet day for it xx

Ps. I really don’t mind sharing seats with strangers if that’s what the moment requires and you or they have issued an invitation… I’ve done it before. I just don’t know whether any invitation came at me yesterday and well, I do wonder if i was interloping on their day 😂

Behind the alphabet…at my house…

Behind the alphabet…at my house…

I’m still here! Not missing, just lacked phojo (photo taking mojo) and it seems to have effected all my online. Anyway, I’m still here 🙂  And the post title? No, not a history lesson on the alphabet, though I do love history…just a bit of fmsphotoaday alphabet love!

A while ago I mentioned that I’d show some behind the scenes stuff with the alphabet series because I’d had both fun and frustrating times with it. While some of it has been fun, well, most of it….some of it has been frustrating, trying and downright annoying…like being behind when the alphabet has actually finished! Think also; wind, heat, bunny rabbits, toddler hands and props that don’t stick in the right place. So just a behind the scenes look at my setting u photos experiences.

I had a purpose in mind for this alphabet. The little is nearly 3 and I’d love her to finally have a booklet or poster that I’d made for her for the alphabet especially as she’s helped with some of them.. And I have a new baby to welcome into the family in the early new year so this is such a perfect gift. But shhh, they don’t know about the gift.

For most of the letters, when I’ve had an idea in mind for the shot I’m kind of set on using it. And I have tried so hard to make it happen. The thing is, because i had a dual purpose for the alphabet I didn’t want things to hard to photograph or too difficult for a child to identify. And I want/ed the subject small enough to fit onto a large piece of board. because, well, I used that board as my background and even though the lighting and therefore editing is slightly different, I wanted the backgrounds exactly the same. And I wanted the shots simple and easy to identify, even though I’ll have wording next to or below/above the image. The only thing I wasn’t worried about this time was duplicating the things friends might have taken photos of.  Sometimes it bothers me (even though 1,000’s of people participating means there are certainly duplicated ideas). The final product of my shots has meant I really don’t care if 100 other people did exactly the same thing, I just didn’t want anything too odd or obscure. Something I usually love to do. So….keeping all that in mind each time I thought of an idea for a letter, I then had to get that photo.

One of the photos I’ll remember from this month was for G.

G is for Grass
G is for Grass

The night before I had woken and had this brilliant idea for a grass scene. It looked amazing in the dream. And I was certain it’d be a doddle to pull off. So outside I went with my board and the card and set to work with my scissors cutting lengths of grass. Again thankful I’d been neglectful in mowing it. And I moved about the yard gathering from different areas to have some variety. And I came back to find our pet bunny, Fudge getting close and sniffy. To MY grass.

G is for get away from the grass
G is for get away from the grass

And then the little was racing about ripping grass out of the ground and tossing it onto the board to “help you mum”. Moving my carefully orchestrated grass to place her own. Aaaannnnddd, cue the slight rise in tension as I see my brilliant idea disappearing into the wind with the blades of grass.

So I worked quickly and was quite happy with the end result. Though each time I turned around after moving the cardboard to a new location to test light I saw scenes like this.  IMG_9408

And had to re-adjust the blades of grass. So there I was, outside, cutting grass with scissors and moving it around on paper, to look like grass. I mean, real grass in the real outside but on paper. Am I sounding a bit nuts yet? Trust me, in instagram lan its not!

You can see it isn’t always easy to get the shot you want 😉

And then there was the time I tried to take the perfect ice-cream photo and ended up with some hideous creation.  And on the second go ended up with a photo that I decided to use. But not after heartache and taking ice-cream photos on a board in a bathroom. And that board needed to be replaced. Because id had 2 ice-creams dripping all over it.

Then U for umbrellas? I bought a packet to use and 3 of them were thrown in the bin right away. Because well, toddler. The little wanted to help and had no idea how to put the umbrella up, so ripped it open rather than ask for help, breaking the paper, and flipping them inside out…but she tried. Again, cue the stress as I could see all my umbrellas hurtling into the bin just before dusk.IMG_9414

And the shot with her hands? I may have offered her something because I wanted hands and only hers.
Because well, they’re toddler hands. And how cute? And even though I offered a treat, E still didn’t want to do it the way I asked. And as often happens, one of her ways worked best. But before that there was a lot of me trying to explain to keep hands flat, yes both hands. No, don’t wiggle them everywhere… to an increasingly tired toddler who couldn’t be bothered with the day before she had even started helping me. Thats the best thing about spending time with E doing these things. We learn, we do and amid my frustrations at times we have a good time together and she enjoys arranging things on the board if I’m setting something up. IMG_9409

Such as T is for tree. I tried several different trees and E was desperate to give it a try. I needed to get my photo sorted first though, I was a bit in the moment creating it. And I’m a bit fussy once I’ve started making something like that. After E had decided my time was up and she was bored with my constant photos at 20 angles she wiped the board clean. Because, well that got my attention and a space for her tree. I let her have a go at creating and then she wanted her dad and I to help and all of us work on one together. Which was fine until we weren’t doing it the way she wanted. And didn’t want to share her leaves. But that moment passed really quickly and we ended up with some shrub looking thing (on Instagram here). But as I said, we had a great time and using your creativity is such fun.  And you don’t need to buy things to create. You can always use the items you have on hand, around the yard or from your home.

Like the jigsaw puzzle I got for my birthday when I was 10 years old….or something. I love it and have kept it because I loved them so much. I can’t remember using them a lot but know I loved the pictures. I had images in my mind of the photo I wanted to take. The one I used was different to that. But again, after input from E. She made me think of it in a different way so I did something else. But she had a go at the jigsaw, became frustrated and then worked it out. I do love that she has a go and often works it out when my back is turned. Like all toddles, she’s super keen to do it all herself. Which is super fun, super.

So there were masses of outtakes this month and I was happy overall that I created the shots I did. Though some were just too funny to delete but just not usable for this months theme.  Thats why you’re getting them all tossed at you here 🙂IMG_9410And although the alphabet finished Friday and I’ve finally posted all my shots I decided to post this round up rather than do a few behind the scenes for this month, because, well….I started this post over a week ago and keep being re-routed by other things. But I’m still here and I’ll be back more regularly! Cross all your things people! And thanks for coming back if you have….and waiting!


ice-cream for breakfast, or what would you do for a photo?

ice-cream for breakfast, or what would you do for a photo?

I sometimes wonder when I’m trawling through Instagram or looking at other places (mainly Pinterest, let’s be honest but then occasionally Facebook) what do other people do for photos? Sometimes I ask people, because if I don’t ask I don’t know right? In fact that could be my motto because I ask a lot of questions, and I mean A LOT, but sometimes I like to just be in awe and experience the amazement without knowing, until I want to do something similar. Or can’t do something along the same theme. Like today, with ice-cream.  Because who knew working with ice-cream would be so darn difficult?!? Okay, it just me that was clueless?

In this months alphabet series over at #FMSphotoaday I’ve been trying hard to get some photos I could use in a poster for E’s room, or for a booklet for her. I know there are awesomely creative geniuses who have already done this and you can buy them! (@thebeecreative for example) but I wanted to make this one a bit personal, it has some of E’s things in it and we talk about the letters each day. I like to think of it as learning throughout doing our everyday. Anyway, one of the things that popped into my mind today was ice-cream because it has to be easier than an igloo right?

Creating an ice-cream photo isn’t dangerous or life threatening, but let’s just say I had ice-cream for breakfast today. Not really something that I’m enjoying right now. After the fact. Those all kinds of wrong feels you get, you know? Anyway, I have it and I won’t be doing it again in a hurry. Though I did do the photo again, this afternoon. This time though Miss E got herself and ice-cream and was super excited to get amongst some Neapolitan, let’s face it, who isn’t? Though strawberry? vanilla? Not so much. Oh who am I kidding? Just give me a big old tub of chocolate. And look, while you’re there, pop some choc chips in it or some fudge or caramel. Or I’ll be happy with some vanilla, sea salt, caramel or macadamia, all in one tub of course.

Anyway, the photo and our return journey to ice-cream today.

Take two….saw me making Miss E an ice-cream, as mentioned. She then proceeded to go outside, probably so she wouldn’t be wrangled into being in a photo. Smart girl. I took everything into the bathroom, the best light in the house and unless its lunch time it’s not too directional, i.e. not too many shadows most days.  It’s about 22 here today, and warmer in the bathroom. The ice-cream started to melt fairly quickly. I couldn’t work fast enough, nor could I find anything to tell me how to do this properly. Basically, twice today I made the worst ice-cream cones I’d ever made. And quite frankly, I’ve had enough now. But I did spend time outside with E and Fudge (our rabbit) while I ate mine and she ate her dripping remainder.


And I left the mess inside, hoping someone would clean it while I was away. No one did.

The result of all this? Last night saw the chap (the patient, other half of me) going out to the shops for ice-cream so I’d have a tub of Neapolitan to use today. How awesome is he? And I ate two ice-creams. In one day. One for breakfast. I took a stack of photos. None of which will probably be used. Oh, except here. For you. I’m now over ice-cream photos. So I moved on to ice. Feel free to slap your hands over your face and exclaim ‘oh no’. Yep. Lets just say I’ll have another go at ‘i’ tomorrow. Maybe.

And look, I’ve done lots of things to take photos over the years, some eye-rolling and eye twitching like this. Some maybe verging on the dangerous. Well, kind of, just dangerous, but I don’t tend to do those as much now I have E. And it got me thinking again, wow, the things we do for a photo. Are others as clumsy and dangerous as myself (again not the ice-cream being all dangerous)?

What do you do for your photos (I know there are cool things out there like using frozen foods or travelling 100’s of kms with a bunch of balloons….this last one was sayhellojo, an awesome chum, do yourself a massive favour and check her out)? Fail or otherwise? How far do you go? The snorty laughter type stuff, the eye rolling and the dangerous? Feel free to leave a comment and let us all know. I bet we ALL do some intriguing things. I can tell you right now this is just one of mine. And I can tell you that like this, they’re the dizzy limits! Some not on the most dizzying scale, but quite a few are.

Thanks for stopping by