where do we start? at the very beginning…

where do we start? at the very beginning…

it’s a very good place to start…

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from the life altering experience I’ve had on Instagram, it’s that its ok to break into song on occasion, especially when talking about photos or in this case, my blog posts.  Thanks  K 😉 And you’ll find out over time, I’m hopeless with song lyrics and names of songs. So if you’ve got no idea which song I was referring to, that’s totally ok. There’s no test, I promise! And I’m not going back to the start, that song has just been in my head as I was planning what I was going to say today.

Oh, and I should introduce myself…I’m Fiona. Or Fi or Fee. I’m so very pleased to meet you 🙂

There are so many stories and bits of information and tips and tricks and just chatting about what we did today that I really don’t know where to begin. But like all great friendships and relationships, it comes out over time. So i’ll try not to bombard you, rush or overwhelm. Let me know if I’m talking too fast, you get lost with my moving about from topic to topic or basically don’t make sense. Trust me, it’s a given, it’ll happen at some stage 🙂

I take part in the FMSphotoaday over at Instagram and occasionally on Facebook so I really want to share some of that with you, a big part of what I do and some of the activities E and I do stem from the prompts…I’ll share in my next few posts some of the stuff we’re doing in October, the alphabet. Its awesome and I decided as its Christmas soon and have some mini’s to make gifts for that I’d create a booklet or poster for them. I can’t wait so I’m working hard at some nice shots. So there’ll be some behind the scenes there too.

Anyway, my first post is way longer than I intended but I hope you enjoyed! I have so many exciting things planned and a small surprise here and there (a word of warning that you may want to grab a drink when you sit down to my posts 😉 but no pressure!).

Nice to meet you all, please say hi and let me know you stopped by. I’d love it xx

sending some love your way
sending some flower petal love your way